Zombie Level is a bonus stage

Gameplay Edit

The player goes against a hoard of zombies that rise from the ground and try to attack them. The player has to defeat all the zombies before the zombies kill them.

Strategy Edit

  • When playing as any character, it's best to non-stop attack the zombies. The zombies can gang up on the player and non-stop attack them.
  • When playing as Michael Myers, it's best to use his ground stomp move to hit all the zombies at once.
  • If playing as Leatherface, you can use his chase move to charge towards the zombies with your chainsaw.
  • Use the characters combo strings to attack multiple zombies.
  • If playing as Ghostface, you can use his disappear move to move away from the zombies, but be careful not to teleport to another group of zombies.
  • Use each character's special to get rid of zombies fast.


  • There are seven different colors of zombies: red, light green, green, blue, dark blue, violet, and black.



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