Harry Warden was the main antagonist of My Bloody Valentine (1981) and it's remake My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009). He was miner who only kills everyone on Valentine's Day on February 14th.

My Bloody Valentine (1981) Edit

Harry Warden was originally a miner in the town of Valentine Bluff until an explosion traps him and the other miners inside after the 2 supervisors failed to check the methane gas level because they went to the Valentine's Day party. While being trapped in the mine for several days, he ate the miners to survive. 6 weeks later, he was founded by Happy and other rescuers and he was the only surviving miner. 1 year later, he kills the 2 supervisors for trapping him and the miners in the miners for weeks and he stuffs their hearts in heart shaped candy boxes. He later made warning signs to everyone to never hold another Valentine's Day party. On every February 14th, he comes back to town and waiting in the shadows of The Haniger Mine and killing anyone who heed his warning. Later at the end of the film, "Harry Warden" was really Axel who dressed up as Harry Warden and caused all the deaths despite the face that the real Harry Warden died 5 years ago prior the events of the film. When Axel was a child, his father was one of the 2 supervisors who got killed by Harry Warden. Axel went insane so he dress up as Harry Warden to kill innocent lives.

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) Edit

Harry Warden woke up in the hospital after an explosion in the mine and kills everyone. He later shot by the 2 cops in The Haniger Mine and dies. 10 years later, "Harry Warden" was really Tom who kills innocent lives after having an encounter with Harry Warden who almost kills him 10 years ago.

Connection To Other Characters Edit

Ghostface - Both were normally human without supernatural powers and they both can be easily killed.

Michael Myers - Both usually kills people on the holidays (Valentine's Day and Halloween).

Trivia Edit

Harry Warden was similar to Jeremy Melton from Valentine as they both start off as innocent men and later went mentally insane and became masked killers and kills everyone on Valentine's Day.

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