Candyman Portrait



Real Name

Daniel Robitaille


Candyman (film)

Home Stage

Cabrini Green

Weapon(s) of Choice

Hook and Bees

Candyman was the titular antagonist of the horror movie of the same name, although a brutal killer and demonic spirit he has an especially tragic past compared to most horror icons which arguably made him more sympathetic - though he was nevertheless just as dangerous and deadly as any other slasher movie antagonist.

Biography Edit


Move ListEdit

Basic AttacksEdit

  • Punch - [P]
  • Kick - [K]
  • Weak Weapon - [WW]
  • Strong Weapon - [SW]
  • Dodge - [P+K]
  • Taunt - [T]

Special MovesEdit

  • Teleport - [←, ↓, ←, K]
  • Pounce - [←, →, WW] (Also in the air)
  • Super Throw - [→, ↓, →, SW]
  • Teleport Dive - [←, ↓, ←, WW] (Also in the air)


  • Bees - [↓, →, WW]

Grab AttacksEdit

  • Grab - [↓, →, P]
  • Grab and Stab - [Grab, WW] (Press WW up to 3 times for maximum damage)
  • Grab and Throw - [Grab, P]


  • Combo String - [WW, SW, WW, SW]


  • Bees and Bee Swarm do more damage.

Unleashed MovesEdit

  • Unleashed 1: Bee Swarm - [↓, →, ↓, →, WW]
  • Unleashed 2: Teleport Slaughter - [↓, ←, ↓, ←, SW]


  • Slasher - [↓, →, ↓, →, Taunt] (Full Meter. Low Enemy's Health. Winning Round)



Candyman found a solution to his nightmares within the Dream World.

A demon who can set him free from his haunting past.

Freddy offered him to put an end to his curse.

But Candyman must do a little something for him first.


The promise of freedom made Candyman even stronger.

Immortal between two worlds, the Cenobites had no power over him.

But Freddy betrayed Candyman, he used him to defeat Pinhead.

He broke a dream mirror and used his power to trap them both forever.

That was a mistake, Candyman wasn't stupid, he never trusted Freddy.

He anchored his soul in Freddy's reality when they made their pact.

Candyman came back surprising Freddy and easily defeated him.

But Freddy managed to escape to some dark corner of the Dream World.

He released Pinhead from the mirror and decided not to fight them,

it wasn't his battle and they couldn't help him anyway.

Story ModeEdit

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Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


  • Candyman was introduced in version 2.7.
  • He's considered the most powerful character in the game.
  • Candyman's Unleash "Bee Swarm" is a reference to Blackheart's (from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter) Hyper "Judgment Day".